2 comments on “Muscle Confusion?

  1. Love this write up! I have to ask what are the workouts you do that are the same? I have been trying different routines and non of them are giving me the results I should be getting for the huge effort put into them.

  2. Thank for asking Josh. My workouts usually consist of a squat motion, push and pull in a horizontal plane, and push and pull in a vertical plane. I personally enjoy using the barbell, though not necessary. So my workouts are: deadlift, a weighted back squat, bench press (push horizontal plane) row (pull horizontal plane) pull-up (pull vertical plane) over head press (push in vertical plane). The correlating body weight movements would be: push up, ring row, pull up hand stand push up. The key is that these are all complex multi-joint movements that produce great results in little time. If you are interested further in workout design, (reps, sets, duration, frequency) please feel free to email us at existanew@gmail.com.

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