4 comments on “Don’t Fear the Cold!

  1. I have “Chronic Mono,” or maybe more commonly referred, “Epstein–Barr virus” or EBV. Intermittent cold showers and cold water swims boost my immune system immensely! Especially when I increase the frequency or intensity of my workouts, I put myself at risk of becoming fatigued and oftentimes, mono-type symptoms begin to set in. It took me about 2 years to get it under control, with diet and general life changes. I would attribute most of my success to the fact that I end most showers on cold water. It started with a bit of cold, then back to hot, then a bit of cold again… now I can turn the hot water completely off and fully submerge myself for at least a few minutes! It feels great! My hair is healthier (helps close hair follicles and decreases damage), my skin is tighter, my sleep improved and I get sick much less! Highly recommend it.

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