3 comments on “Disconnection Anxiety

  1. I went through an “E-fast” when I joined the Army in 2009. In basic training they lock up your cell phone and other goodies and you don’t see them for three months. There’s no internet access either. It turned out to be a much more positive experience than I’d expected.

    Of course, most of basic training isn’t fun. But I enjoyed living simply from moment to moment, knowing that the course of my day couldn’t be interrupted by a ringtone or a buzzing in my pocket. Instead of farting around on the internet in my free time, I composed handwritten letters to my friends or talked to my bunk mates.

    I thought I was going to be thrilled to get my stuff back, but it wasn’t like that. Instead, there was a surprising sensation of of dread when the drill sergeant handed me a ziplok bag containing my cell phone and iPod. My life had suddenly become complicated again.

    One exception: It was pure bliss putting on headphones and listening to my own music again.That will always be awesome.

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