4 comments on “A Beginner’s Guide To Ancestral Living

  1. Nice writing Aaron. One of the interesting aspects of ancestral living that has caught my attention lately is stress. Stress has always existed in human living, but chronic, on-going stress that never goes away (e.g., a bad job, living in a dangerous neighborhood) is new to our existence. Stresses like temporary food shortage, swollen river crossings, and fleeing from a large animal all had an end to them; i.e., relief was experienced. So the stresses occurred, the situation resolved, and relief was felt. Today, many people experience chronic stress that never ends, or goes on for years and years. This has a cascade of effects that undermines health and enjoyment of life. No relief in site. I think that structuring you life to avoid chronic stress is important. And if it isn’t possible, find a way to build in temporary stresses that can be overcome, like an obstacle course, so relief can be experienced. This is an aspect of ancestral living that is of interest to me at the moment. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Arthur! Appreciate your feedback. I agree with your thoughts here and I attempted to explore this in more depth in my recent post: https://existanew.com/2012/08/30/the-pendulum-between-inspiration-and-despair/

    I am trying to point out that maybe the reason why modern humans need so much stress reduction, inspiration, self-help, “diets” and “fitness” is because we exist in lives that really do not work for humans on a variety of levels. Rather than try to “out inspire” a life that does not work, why not re-examine the framework of our lives and attempt to create something new? I spoke a bit about my upcoming personal experiments with this and coincidentally they certainly involve you and Primitive Skills. Hope to talk more soon!

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