6 comments on “Finding Your Territory

  1. I love this post. It makes me think about my career in a large women’s health organization and the power struggle I see, and I find myself getting engaged in, as more and more people try to move their way “to the top” so to speak. Everyone acts like there is a finite amount of power and by clawing their way to the top they have to step on everyone else to get their. If we started thinking about our own territories, what unique skills we all bring to the table, and what makes us happy, we would all experience a sense of personal power and create a stronger organization as a whole.

  2. Great point Cara. While we don’t want to create the whole, everyone gets a trophy for trying culture, not everything has to be a win-lose, establish rank scenario.

  3. As an adamant individual, I like this article. And I have dedicated my own life to living it under my own terms.

    The only things I might point out is by living territorially, you tend to tend to silo yourself. Your expertise may help inspire/influence others that you DO run into, however, it also tends to put off others, which obviously limits those who can ultimately inspire/influence you and you, them.

    Also, territorial “folk” like myself tend to not seek the help of others, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

    I’d also argue that in a hierarchal model, you tend to grow with the herd (albeit, with difficulty and a whole lot of politiciking), where as in territorial, you only grow IF you are self-motivated.

    These are just some initial thoughts. Great article.

  4. Thanks for the insightful comment Mike. I know what you mean, there is a difficult balance between living more territorially and being construed as somewhat of a recluse. I would argue however, that particularly in the case of an artist like yourself, you are genuinely connecting with more people than if your were not immersing yourself in your chosen medium. In the hierarchical model people often put each other off anyway, struggling, in competition to be prefabricated versions of what people are “supposed” to be. And I am not sure if people tend to grow in the herd or if they try to mimic and demonstrate widely held notions of “progress.” Might as well create and defend your own territory if this is the case.

    The self motivation point is a good one. Again though, I think we REALLY need the help of others to combat this. And people can find this help in more earnest, connecting with people in similar “territories.”

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