4 comments on “Are You too Primitive to be Primal?

  1. We share wide angle vision and fox walking as a means to access different parts of the brain outside those “reptillian” flight or fight responses. Ironic that we killed all of our competing apex predators only to strap one on our wrist or hang one on our wall. The clock keeps Homo sapien domesticofragilus in a mild state of panic. With better nutrition, a larger brain case and full jaw of teeth, we can only imagine at the abilities we may have lost for one reason or another. I believe, however, that much of this awareness, empathy, and sense of deep conection to the landscape is latent. It is in our genetic “memory” and it is awaiting validation to be reactived. What if “child like” curiosity was just a beginning and not the fast fading comet of curiosity we experience when we are young? We share an understanding of bird language to get people out of their heads. Folks who move through the landscape without causing the birds to alarm have little tolerance for self absobed people. Neither do the rest of the creatures on the landscape. Primitive has never meant stupid, but our assumptions to the contrary often reek of ignorance and arrogance.

  2. Thank you for the insightful response, Michael. Your school: Maine Primitive Skills, certainly is a great example of using higher thought and learning to live with greater skill and purpose.

  3. Thank you Beau. This is an insightful perspective I hadn’t thought about. I can relate to what you said about the limbic part of the brain being continuously triggered by stress, and the shift to the neocortex when sitting quietly. For a long time I’ve found one of the best ways to relax my mind is to find a quiet sitspot outside and consciously quiet myself. I feel a shift after being there for about 15 minutes. I’ve often heard of that shift as relating to brain wave frequency (i.e. going from beta to alpha). I wonder if our brain wave frequency is directly correlated to the parts of the brain you had mentioned (i.e. limbic vs. neocortex).
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks Luka,

    I’m glad it got you thinking. That would be an interesting question about brain wave shifts. Typically alpha waves occur in a relaxed state, and have been referred to as “neocortical alpha waves.” Something to look into further. Let me know if you learn more about this.

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