3 comments on “What’s In a Name? A request for the healthcare system to change its name or change its practice.

  1. Great article. The Staph section really makes clear the importance of our immune system and its role in preventing disease.

  2. I really like this article. Thank you. At 71 I have become very aware of the need for health. Conservative friends of mine spend a lot of time dismissing and trying to repeal what they call “Obamacare”, but they do not seem to consider that what they may be doing to help by overeating, junk food consumption, smoking, drinking, not exercizing, poor health habit, etc.—i.e. a general lack of mindfullness about their responsibility. I turned my health around through a low fat vegan diet. I do not eat meat or dairy because of spiritual, ecological, and how it effects me concerns. I feel stronger and am certainly healthier than I was before. My point is this—if I am mindful of how food effects me I can make choices that work for me. But, I can only tell what works for me. Mindful choices are important, no matter what one chooses to follow. But it is also very important that I keep an open mind, and it is always important to consider what vested interests are dispensing misinformation. I learned several things from this article. Thank you. It is very important that we share information with respect, not from an “I’m right and you”re wrong” viewpoint.

  3. Great reply, Rodney. We feel the same. We are all responsible for our own health, and personal action is always more effective in healthcare than simply just voting.

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