5 comments on “Create your Own Freedom or Design your Own Cage

  1. Interesting post, Beau. I have a question for you – do you think that the idea of being creative is intimidating to many of us because it’s often seen as a kooky characteristic of weird or unusual people, instead of a desirable trait of a normal person? What I mean is that the word “creative” is rarely used to describe a person who makes small changes based on little ideas, and is usually reserved for great authors or cutting edge scientists or your cousin’s friend in art school.

    Do you think this keeps people from trying to a just a bit creative in some aspects of their regular life, because they might think they’re not already 100% creative?

  2. Thanks, Frank. Good question. I do believe creativity holds a connotation today that can cause people to shy away from identifying themselves as “creative.” The fact is we are all artists in our own fashion-we are creating our lives whether we know it or not. Some lives are beautiful and unique and some are generic and bland. It is this very tendency to eschew creativity based on societal expectations that is dangerous.

  3. I’ve got a question and I am not completely confident in my ability to express it but I will give it a shot. Do you feel improvement upon someone else’s work can be a type of creativity or is it a more developed form of emulation or is it somewhere in between? I would lean towards either somewhere in the middle I suppose. Taking something that someone else created and seeing it in a way they didn’t see is creative in a sense. However, you didn’t create something per se. Just altered something that was already there. Like I said, I am not sure that I am saying this the correct way.

  4. That’s a great question, Dan. I agree with you in that improving upon or evolving an idea or a piece of work does take creativity. In fact, it’s rare, from what I have experienced, to develop a completely unique idea. In the context of this article, the importance lies not in what or how you’re improving another concept, but why. In other words, are you putting a different spin on something for the sake of emulating that concepts success, or are you truly evolving an idea to foster a self-defined existence? What is the priority and intent of the creator? That’s the question that matters in this context.

  5. Fantastic explanation that truly expands the ways in which the article got the gears in my head going. Two people may do the exact same thing or act on the same set of principles, start something with the same end goal in mind, though as you said, the ‘Why’ makes all the difference. Thank you for the response. Now I’ve got my mind racing for the second six hours of my work day. A good time for some serious reflection. Awesome.

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