10 comments on “Successfully Numb

  1. Great post, Beau! Couldn’t agree more. Getting to spend this past year with Brendan traveling has been so worth a diminished income/giving up “good” health insurance/etc. The memories and time together are priceless. Material things never live up to our expectations in the end, and ultimately lose their value, whereas memories only become fonder and more valuable with time. (All material things, with the exception of my Subaru, of course… that’s really more of a family member 😉

  2. Beau,I remember.Its one of my fondest memories! Now even more so. That just took me back. What FUN. Thanks Bud.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. You brought up a lot of things that I have been thinking about lately. Specifically in leaving my career as a nurse to pursue other endeavors that I am more passionate about that would also allow me to spend more time with my family. I work nights and my kids are in school so the moments I get with them are often rushing around packing food and sports gear.

    I am curious about how you earn income? Have you had to make a change from a typical 9-5 type job to what you do now? What did that look like? I think some actual examples of how you have done this in your own life would add great depth to this post.

    I have spent the last year building a small business but it is not enough to sustain me. Hopefully someday.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting, Shari. To answer your question, I (Beau) still work a 9-5 job currently. I will be honest and tell you I don’t have a bulletproof method to leave a career. I’m not even sure that leaving one’s career should be the first step. I wrote this post merely to bring to light how easily we develop tunnel vision on earning and chasing success as defined by the mainstream. I think you have already begun by questioning your situation and reassigning your priorities and thats a great start! I guess the best advice I can offer is to require less to live well and spend most of your time with those who share those same values. Please stay in touch with us. We’d like to follow your progress!

  5. Thank you for your reply. Honestly, the fact that you have not necessarily done what it seems you are telling others to do is somewhat hypocritical. From reading your post, I believed you were someone who has made the changes that I am trying to make and have started to make. Makes me feel quite differently about this post then.

  6. Thank you for your Honesty, Shari. I do not feel I’m being hypocritical though. Feel as you’d like, but this project is my attempt, and the post was not intended to tell people to quit their careers, but rather make more time for friends and family and lead a more emotionally connected existence. Starting one’s own business, while possibly a good start, is certainly no guarantee for an escape, as my personal experience with it is quite the opposite.

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  8. “Change” to what?
    I’m 37 with a fantastic civil-service job that pays for my one bedroom no dishwasher/no garbage disposal/no laundry-apartment. My college is paid for, my car is paid for. I’m never having kids (not like I can afford to) and my parents live an hour away. My extended family doesn’t give a fuck. Everyone I know is either miserable, on antidepressants, an alcoholic, or some combination. I’m waiting to die in this apartment, since there’s nothing left to do. Travel? Read? Crafts? What for?
    And I’m damn lucky. Without this job I’d be living with my parents forever, working retail forever.
    Sure I’m numb. What’s the alternative? No emotions are allowed in any workplace nowadays (except the hollow smile).
    I have no desire at all for more, but competing is required just to hold pat. Running to stand still. I hope I’m dead at 40.

  9. First, I’d like to thank you, anonymous, for your comment. I always appreciate when people are real and honest with their thoughts.

    Let me start by saying I don’t think you’re numb at all. You seem to be in a lot of pain and know exactly what is causing it. You’re clearly a very intelligent person and your writing in this comment is interesting. I see a lot of my own thoughts in your comment.

    I don’t know your best option or next step in your life to change to, actually I believe you already have made it; you’re angry, passionate and questioning your environment. Continue to do so. Find like minded people who are also fed up with this bland existence and talk with them. Escape into nature from the apartment and rat race with them. And write just as you have done here. You’re a talented writer, so use your pain to fuel your writing.

    But above all else, realize there are far more possibilities for existence than your current situation. Even though these options may seem absurd and alien to you now, explore them and be aggressive about it. Climb something, fight something and love something. And whatever you do, don’t die in your apartment of a broken will.

    Keep in touch.

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