3 comments on “To Flow is to Live Happily

  1. I dabble at juggling. I like to use this phrase about my better times. I say “I am a joyous juggler of objects and ideas.” I don’t live up to that slogan a lot, but I do have moments. Juggling at the beginner’s level I do, you have moments that you can see and feel everything, and then you drop something. Sometime ago I had the opportunity to practice passing clubs. One stands there juggling and facing a partner. You don’t look at the clubs; you are aware of them, but mainly you watch your partner’s face, as you periodically throw a clubs between you. At times you see your partner’s face relax, and you know it is you who will do the next drop or make the bad throw. He is in the zone. It is a glimpse of awareness. No wonder so many are addicted.

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