2 comments on “Obstacles As Opportunities: Exist Anew Podcast

  1. Hey guys, really interesting show. Personally, I’ve been traveling and (I guess unconsciously) seeking uncertainty for the past 4ish years. Often times I feel unsure about the path I’m taking or desire more security, but this podcast helped reaffirm that the uncertainty I experience on the road is what gives “juice” to my life and that growth (and awesome stories) happen when we fully embrace uncertainty and the possibility of bad things happening, rather than clinging to some illusory sense of security and shying away from “danger.” Like you said, we could die tomorrow. So why not take risks, fall on our faces and live on our edge while we still can? Thanks for creating these podcasts. Hope all is well back in Maine!

  2. Hey Logan! Thanks for listening! We are happy to hear you are living with a semblance of adventure and putting into question conventional notions of security. Happy travels and let us know when you’ll be around sometime. Maybe we can discuss this on the podcast.

    Take care!

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