5 comments on “The Best Purchase I’ve Made in a Long Time…

  1. Excellent article, love the concept. I currently live in the burbs. I want to move to a more rural location,so I can have this kind of contact. I worked for the county fire dept, stationed at a rural firehouse. The people were down to earth and always bringing us firemen, homemade stuff. A farmer would bring us all the extra/smaller eggs his hens would lay. So different tasting than store bought . Thanks.

  2. Two days ago I laid down my deposit for a 1/4 cow from a local farm, thanks for justifying and solidifying my decision to do so.

  3. Thanks Gary! I agree that free range poultry and eggs taste different and much better than the standard store bought equivalent. It’s too bad you’ve lost those connections you had to some of those foods. Hopefully you have some options for higher quality meats in a nearby store. It might be worth doing some research for the nearest farms in your area and making some calls. Also, letting other nearby stores know that you’d like to see more locally raised and grass-fed options may get the ball rolling. Let me know if you make any progress.

  4. I would be so thrilled with this buy! Definitely exciting! We are moving to Southwest Florida soon, which is supposed to be Angus cattle country. I can’t wait to start the hunt for grass fed and visit some swampland ranches. – Caitlin

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