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Why We Started this Project

Like many people drawing on the recommendations of conventional dietary information, we thought we were living and eating “healthy.” However, this was not evident in how we felt or in our continued dependency on conventional medical care. In search of solutions to this dilemma, we found the burgeoning Paleo/Primal movement. The logic of this movement made perfect sense and as we began to frame our dietary and lifestyle choices though an evolutionary lens, we began to experience new levels of health and freedom.

We realized that humankind’s transition from eating nutrient dense, wild food, to the nutritionally sparse food produced today has created a loss of health. It seemed a natural progression to also embrace what has been lost in human happiness and freedom. Our modern lifestyles have led to nature deprivation and human domestication. While we enjoy the comforts afforded by contemporary conveniences, we also sacrifice a great deal in a consistent cycle of work, stress and status building in order to maintain these luxuries. The extremes of this stress, the corresponding illnesses and the lack of belonging we feel is something, we suggest, exclusive to the plight of modern humans.

So do we live in an increasingly free and progressive world or are we slowly building our own cage? We envision Exist Anew as a place where open-minded people can address this question while opposing the thoughtless living that has created this dilemma.

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Ancestral Health Perspectives:

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Inspirational Guest Posts:

National Radio Host Terry Jaymes

Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter: Jay Jack

Wild Foods and Ancestral Living Expert Arthur Haines

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3 comments on “Start Here

  1. I’ve been on this same path of ancestral self-discovery for the past five years.

    ReWilding, in particular.

    Thanks to Arthur Haines, Daniel Vitalis, Dave Asprey, Mark Sisson and many others, we’re finally amassing a group of educated individuals that are dedicated to moving the human species forward.

    Thank you, guys. You rock.

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